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Hades is a main antagonist in Kingdom Hearts II ½ and a secondary antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Hades tried to use Zack to turn Terra to the darkness.

Kingdom Hearts

Hades tried to use Cloud to defeat Hercules. He was also part of Maleficent's Council, sending waves of Heartless at Sora and his friends in the various tournaments held in the Olympus Coliseum as well as monsters like Cerberus and two of the Titans.

Kingdom Hearts II

Hades worked together with Pete, trying to turn Hercules into a Heartless and resurrecting Auron to defeat him. He also sent the mighty Hydra to destroy the Coliseum.

Kingdom Hearts II ½

With all of his schemes against Hercules being thwarted by Sora, Donald and Goofy, Hades has decided to go after them now. Like Pete and Maleficent, he travels from world to world, sending Heartless in his wake and striking alliances with local villains.

Olympus Coliseum

Hades's plan to use Tommy Vercetti to defeat Hercules was thwarted by Sora, Donald and Goofy. Thus, Hades vowed to get revenge on them and eliminate them to clear a path to defeating Hercules.

County General

Third visit

Hades manipulated Robert Romano into attacking Sora and his friends.

City of Angels

Second visit

Reprogramming the T-1000 with the help of the Heartless's dark powers, Hades had it attack Sora and his friends.

Disney Castle

With the help of Pete, Hades attempted to destroy this world to get revenge on Sora and his friends. To accomplish this, he summoned two evil beings - the Tyrannosaurus rex and Jason Voorhees.

Traverse Town

Recruiting Sil, Adenoid Hynkel and the Cyclops, Hades tried to destroy the town. He also kidnapped Bella Swan in an attempt to get Edward Cullen to turn on Sora and his friends.

Destiny Islands

To get revenge on Sora specifically, Hades tried to destroy the islands with the help of Nessus and the Dragon.

Concrete Jungle

Hades sided with Peter Keyes, offering to catch the Predator for him if he defeated Sora, Donald and Goofy.

Super City

Hades helped Ken Williams gain super powers, requesting in turn that he eliminated Sora and his friends. Sora, Donald and Goofy defeated Ken with the help of Sam Daniels.


Aiding Ripto in taking over the world, Hades had him attack Sora and his friends. It can also be surmised that he was responsible for turning Gulp into a Heartless.

Fiorina 161

Hades tried to use the Runner against Sora and his friends, but they defeated it with the help of Ripley.

Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light

As a boss


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