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Ally, Party Member
Kingdom Hearts II (2005)
Voiced by
Justin Cowden

Hayner is a character in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


A boy living in Twilight Town with his friends Pence and Olette. He enjoys playing in Struggle matches. When Xsarc started causing problems in the town, Hayner teamed up with Sora to defeat him.

In Battle

Hayner's fighting style is similar to his Struggle moves. Initially, he'll fight with a basic set of combos not dissimilar to Sora and Roxas. He can also swiftly counterattack after an enemy has landed a combo on him. His limit, Struggle Raid, involves him and Sora darting across the arena and ramming the enemy, releasing large HP, MP, Drive and Munny gems. The finish, Jackpot, has Sora and Hayner leap into the air and dive bombing on top of an enemy with great force, creating a shockwave and releasing a lot more gems (having Jackpot equipped helps here).

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