In the Total Drama series causing trouble and mayhem to all of the contestants for TDIsland, TDAction, and now TDWT. After the insident in the last challenged that



Home World
Camp Wawanakua
World's Main Atagonist,Atagonist
Total Drama Island(2008)

Total Drama Action(2009)

Total Drama Wordl Tour(2010)
voiced by
Rachel Wilson

she was in where she had a choice wether or not to shave her head or stay in the final 3 she chose not to but the electric razor flue out of chef's hands and still shaved her head and she was eliminated because she chose not to. After Sora, Donald, & Goofy took her place she wanted revenge on not just Gwen and Owen but the trio too. After Chris being turned into a heartless and was destroyed by the keyblade, Heather found out how to control the Heartless because of Pete. in the compatition heather made Gwen lose her chance wining $100,000 because of the heartless. but was turned into a heartless herself because of her own greed and jelousy and like chris was vanquished by the keyblade.


After being eliminated from the compatition Heather wanted revenge on Gwen and Owen for gaining up against her in the 2nd to final challenge. and when she found out that her spot was replaced by Sora, Donald, and Goofy she was full of anger so much that the darkness inside her took control of her and she started to cause havik with the heartless when chris was Destroyed. she ruined gwen's chance with the $100,000 but heather was eliminated but for some odd reason she returns in the other 2 shows.

As a boss

When heather is turned into a heartless her attacks are alot stronger than before. She can shoot darkness out of her hands and a golden beam to freeze sora and stun him with the light. Her takuondo moves are surounded with darkness for more power. When her HP is half way down she makes a portal under her and starts shooting dark spheres at him. at her last hits she tries to heal herself by sending Neo-Shadows to attack sora. when she's defeated sora gets The Final Two keyblade as reward.

Other Pictures

TDA DIY Char Heather

Heather in Total Drama Action

will add more pictures later.

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