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Hercules (1997)
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Tate Donovan

Hercules is one of the many Disney characters encountered in Kingdom Hearts II ½ and Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light.


Kingdom Hearts

Hercules saves Cloud from Cerberus after Hades summons him to defeat Sora, Donald and Goofy. Later, Sora defeats him in the Hercules Cup, to Herc and Phil's surprise.

Kingdom Hearts II

Hercules is getting worn out by all the fighters Hades sends at him. Hades summons Auron to beat Hercules once and for all, but Auron refuses to listen to him. Hades them decides to reopen the Underdrome and force Hercules to participate in new tournaments. Distracting Hercules by sending the Hydra to attack the Coliseum, he manipulates Sora into unlocking the Underdrome (by having him unlock a seal to save Hercules's sweetheart Megara, which actually unseals the Underdrome). Hercules hurries into the Underworld to help Sora defeat Pete and save Meg, but the Hydra isn't dead yet and destroys the Coliseum. This causes Hercules to lose his confidence. Later, Hades manages to gain control over Auron and forces him to fight Hercules, but Sora, Donald and Goofy thwart his plans once again.

Kingdom Hearts II ½

Hades now tries to get Tommy Vercetti to eliminate Hercules, but like Auron, Tommy refuses.

Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light

Hercules appears as a member of the Alliance of Light.

In Battle

Hercules is mainly an offensive party member. His Power Punch sends opponents flying, allowing Sora to swat them out of the air with aerial combos. Much like his boss attacks in Kingdom Hearts, he'll occasionally spin around the arena while swinging his sword in a Whirli-Goof like attack. He'll also charge, ramming enemies with his head. Occasionally, he'll throw his sword in a Sonic Blade-like ranged attack. His limit, Zero to Hero, has him charging up a balls of energy which Sora then swats towards enemies. The finish, Hero's Ode, has Sora and Hercules charge up once more for a destructive blast of raw power.


  • KHII ½ marks the first time that Hercules is available as a full fledged party member.

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