Horizon is a human evalight but is cursed with an Evalights arm but he can control Heartless, Evalights, Nobodies, and even Unversed with that arm and can go into poeple's memories and mind to see what happened in their past and to use them to his advantage.

Bringing Sora to Traverse Town

He brought Sora to traversetown to get him away from Destiny Islands in the islands are a way to perminantly defeat evalights incripted in the "Secret Place" with all of the drawings and he turned down the power of the gummi ship so that it doesn't have enough power to get to Destiny Islands or Disney Castle plus even if they had enough power he put sheilds arund the 2 worlds to keep them away from the incription.

Bloody Mary in Traverse Town

On his Ship Horizon found a destroyed world where he found a mirror and a sticky note on it that said "Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary,Bloody Mary." when he retreived it and read the note she came out to take Horzon's eyes but he got into her mind and found out about her past of taking eyes from dares of poeple going down to try it and that her world was destroyed by the Heartless and only one person made it. so Horizon is made Bloody Mary(sense she became a heartless after her world was destroyed) go to traverse town in room close to the Final Fantasy groups house so that at least on of them will try it and eventually Sora will. The only thing he's worried about is the survivor who got to traverse town when her world was destroyed named Samantha Owens.

Chick Hicks turning into a Heartless

Horizon knew that his anger would go out of control wether or not he won the pestant cup or not with that anger becoming a heartless. but with that speed and darkness in Chick Hick he thought that it would be ver difficult to catch and defeat. but he has been defeated by sora and Lightning.

Bowser Turning into a Heartless

Bowser Defeated by Mario Once agien. Then He Truing into An Heartless To Take His Revenge On Mario & Sora. but Wiht That commend & Darkness in Bowser The Koopa Troopa King, He Thought That it Would be Very Difficult to Fire Breating and Burn Sora for good,But mario Have his final attack,Mario finalie (Like in SSBB) to defeat Bowser heartless. But He Has Been Defeated by Sora And Mario.

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