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Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage (1999)
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Gregg Berger

Hunter is a character encountered by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ½.



Hunter aided Sora and Spyro in their fight against Ripto.

The Forgotten Realm

Hunter is an Assistant in various battles, most notably the final fight against the Sorceress. He falls in love with the Sorceress's right hand, Bianca, prompting her to betray the Sorceress.

In Battle

Hunter combines speed and power, attacking at close range with fist combos and shooting arrows at enemies from further away.

Battle Quotes

  • "Go get them, Sora!"
  • "You won't get me!"
  • "Could someone get me a soda?" (low on HP)
  • "Oh, man!" (defeat)
  • "Better than ever!" (revived)
  • "Let's do it again!" (revived or healed by party member)


  • Hunter is supposedly the fastest runner in Avalar, but constantly loses his running shoes.

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