Hunter's Bush


Predator (1987)
Ol' Painless
Normal theme
The Hunter
Battle theme
Rumble in the Jungle

Hunter’s Bush is a jungle world in Kingdom Hearts II ½ .


Sora, Donald and Goofy arrive in Hunter’s Bush after witnissing the Predator ship drop a pod. In the jungle, they encounter Dutch and Anna, who are engaged in a battle against a horde of Heartless. After helping them, Sora, Donald and Goofy team up with Dutch and Anna.

Meanwhile, Pete is observing them. Initially plotting to turn Dutch into a Heartless, he changes his mind after encountering the Predator. His first attempt at it fails, however – the Predator defeats the Heartless with ease. Sora and the others are alerted to Pete’s presence after the Predator blows him out of the trees.

While Sora and the others are heading for a secure zone where the airlift will take Dutch and Anna, Pete devises another scheme to capture the Predator. He’ll lure it by creating a giant Heartless, the Bushmaster.

The Bushmaster attacks Sora and the others. After it is defeated, the Predator appears to fight them as well. After the battle, Donald and Goofy are knocked into a river, forcing Sora and Dutch to battle the Predator by themselves for a second time.

After being defeated, the Predator turns on its self destruct device. Sora and Dutch flee. An oblivious Pete triumphantly appears to take the Predator with him, realizing too late what is about to happen. The explosion of the Predator’s self destruct device levels part of the forest and sends Pete flying high into the sky.

After reuiniting with Donald and Goofy, Dutch’s minigun, Ol’ Painless, reveals a Gate to another world.

When Sora, Donald and Goofy leave on the gummi ship, a vengeful Pete is seen sitting on a nearby asteroid, having been blown there by the blast.


  • Dutch (Josh Robert Thompson)
  • Anna (Elpidia Carrillo)


Sora: We're here to help you!
Dutch: Prove it!
(Donald blasts an attacking Heartless with magic)
Dutch: Fair enough.

Dutch (learning about Pete): He comes at me again, I'll show him darkness...

(the Predator appears)
Goofy: Is that the hunter guy?
Sora: Looks like he wants to fight.
Dutch: Bad wish...

Donald (drifting towards a waterfall): Run! Go! Get to the chopper!

Sora: What are you?!
Predator (mimicks Sora's voice): What are you?
Sora: I asked you first!

Pete (finds the defeated Predator): Hah! Just as I planned! Now you’re all mine!
(Predator turns on self-destruct device and begins to laugh)
Pete: Laugh all you want, there's no escape now! You're gonna be the perfect Heartless!
(notices the Predator's self-destruct device)
(gets blown away)

(last line)
Sora: Hey, Dutch? Stick around.

Boss themes

  • Bushmaster - Shrouding Dark Cloud
  • Predator (1st battle) - Vim & Vigor
  • Predator (2nd battle) - Squirming Evil


  • Before landing, Sora initially mistakes the world for Deep Jungle.
  • Talking to Dutch after completing the storyline will get you the Ol' Painless Keychain. This Keyblade extremely increases strength, but reduces MP by 2 slots.
  • Finishing this world unlocks Concrete Jungle, Game Planet and Bouvet Island.

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