Ice-O-pede is a boss in Kingdom Hearts Universe 2



Machine Guns
Boss theme
Shrouding Dark Cloud
Adventure time Ep: What is Life?

In Story

When the Ice King finds out that Finn, Jake, and Sora have broke into his castle he imediantly sends out his Ice-O-pede to kill them but Pete gives it dark powers as if it was a heartless. It comes in as soon as Sora gets to the stairway.

In Battle

The Ice-O-pede starts with marching around and smacking the floor to stun Sora. It uses it machine guns on its sides to cause small damage and can be esaly dodged. but when it's health bar is half-way down it can cause massive damage, harder to dodge, and instead of bullets its missiles. It can summon Shadow heartless for it as protection.

In Cartoon

The Ice-O-Pede was only seen once in the series but instead it bites the Ice king's head as a joke.

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