Inexistances are a previously unknown type of being when a heartless and nobody are created.Like nobodies wether they truely existist or not is unknown.They cannot organize themselves but wrather create mayhem in massive hoards.Damage they do to worlds is devistating.When thay inhabit a world they suck all existence into their beings.The world will start to fade until everything dissappears and there is a void.The only way for these worlds to be restored is with the existance keyblade and Dark Fade keyblade.Orginization XIII once tried to controll these creatures and lost several secret members to them and gave up because their own world was almost sucked up as well

Inexistances are silver in color.They are thin and sinewey usually with red or black spike running up their arms.Massive ones are more like huge bulky creatures and mutants with black holes where their hearts should be.Any world they have sucked up will become forgotten in the hearts and memories of those that once knew it.

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