Inspector Gadget


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Summon item
Gadget Charm
Inspector Gadget (1999)
Voiced by
Cam Clarke

Inspector Gadget is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Gadget's charm is found in Hell City.

In Battle

Gadget is a multifunctional summon. He'll drop MP orbs occasionally, and HP balls when struck. His fighting capabilities are weak, but have a high succesful hit rate. Go Go Gadget Arm has Gadget stretch out his fists, either to punch enemies away or to draw them into range of Sora's Keyblade. Go Go Gadget Helicopter allows Sora to hang on to Gadget as he flies through the air, dropping explosive energy orbs on enemies below. Go Go Gadgetinis has Gadget spawn smaller versions of himself which distract and confuse enemies. Go Go Gadget Keyblade, Gadget's finishing move, has Gadget grab the Keyblade and stretch his arms outward to strike enemies with the Keyblade at a very wide range, effectively sweeping a large portion of the arena.


  • Gadget was originally played by Matthew Broderick. In Kingdom Hearts II ½, he is voiced by Cam Clarke, who also replaced Broderick as the voice of Simba.
  • Gadget's attack Go Go Gadgetinis, in which he spawns smaller version of himself, is a reference to a recent reboot of the Inspector Gadget franchise titled Gadget and the Gadgetinis, which features multiple mini-Gadgets ("Gadgetinis") as screwball sidekicks.

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