Isabelle's (OC) Keyblades

Chaos Reaper

During her will to use the Abyss and the Darkness from it to gain Kingdom Hearts to create her greatest wish, she used this Keyblade to commit a number of horrors and create a sea of sorrow for herself, the Keyblade mode was given to Terra by Master Xehanort and is so drenched in both of their Darkness.

Crossing Midnight

As the future yet untrained Chaser of Dawn, she was destined to wield Way to the Dawn and while training to control her Darkness she wielded this Keyblade which was tainted version of the Way to the Dawn and gained more Dawn elements as she matured.

Perfect Dawn (short for Perfect Way to the Dawn)

This Keyblade is the perfected version of the Way to the Dawn, this Keyblade was made when Crossing Midnight and Way to the Dawn combined once both were at a perfect concentration of Dawn based energy,

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