Ivanek Czehanovsky
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Killer (2006)
Voiced by
Corey Burton

Ivanek Czehanovsky is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses in Arnhem.


Originally an innocent man, Ivanek was subject to Dr. Harold Pauw's experiments with the darkness and the heart. Ultimately, he became controlled by the darkness, mindlessly attacking any being of light on sight. Nilmax and Xerruy tried to take control of him and complete the process of turning him into a Heartless in order to acquire his Nobody.

As a Boss

Victor's melee attacks are swift and deadly. He leaps around the battlefield a lot, making him hard to hit. Knuckler is a very fast punching combo. If Ivanek can complete a Knuckler combo, he will use Uppercut to throw Sora into the air and then use Kick of Death to kick him to the other side of the arena (Kick of Death can be blocked with the reaction command Kickback). Foot Swing involves Ivanek standing on his hands and kicking around with his feet. The attack will consume a lot of HP when it hits, but is fairly easy to dodge. Showdown has Ivanek grab Sora's hand for a pushing contest which can be won by repeatedly pressing Triangle. If Sora loses, he will be tosses backwards and roll over the ground, losing a lot of HP. If Sora wins, he'll do the same with Ivanek. Grand Theft Weapon is Victor's most powerful attack - he'll steal either Donald's staff, Goofy's shield or the pistol of John or Stefanie, and use that weapon on Sora with devastating effect. Use the reaction command Take Back to return the weapon to its rightful owner. Note that the party member whose weapon was stolen will not be able to attack Ivanek while he has the weapon (although the game AI will cause them to futily try, often getting knocked out in the process). Ivanek cannot steal the Keyblade.

Battle Quotes

  • "Prepare to die"
  • "Futile"
  • (Guard) "Not a chance"
  • "This is the end"
  • "You will perish"
  • "The darkness shall prevail"
  • (defeat) "Death is only the beginning"


In Killer, Ivanek was an unknowing Polish immigrant used by Dr. Pauw in his genetic experiments to create the ultimate soldier. The experiment backfired - Ivanek attained superhuman powers, but also became impossible to control, losing all selfhood. Nico van Slooten, Pauw's assistant, referred to Ivanek as "an unguided missile".

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