Jasper and Horace

Jasper Horace

Home world
One Hundred and One Dalmatians (1961)
Voiced by
Jeff Bennett (Jasper) & Maurice LaMarche (Horace)

Jasper and Horace are two villains in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Jasper and Horace are Cruella de Vil's most important henchmen. While often arguing amongst themselves, often with Jasper berating Horace's stupidity, they're also butting heads with Pete, afraid he'll oust them with his impressive arsenal of Heartless that aid Cruella.

As Bosses

Jasper and Horace are fought together. Jasper is the most dangerous as he is faster and more offensive than Horace, and should be taken out first. He'll do destructive swing combos with the tire iron he carries and occasionally kick. He can also toss Sora into the fireplace, depleting a lot of HP (the reaction command Counter will turn the tables on Jasper). Horace's main attack is a combo with his club, which is weaker than Jasper's attack but can also deplete quite some HP. If Horace is set on fire by the fireplace, he'll charge across the room, knocking anything he hits into the air. Facedown will end his stampede by tripping him. They will also summon a lot of Heartless.

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