'Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side'
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Homeworld Land of Mice and Rats
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Role Villain
First Appearance The Secret of NIMH
Voiced by Viggo Mortensen (English)

Jenner Was A Villain, He was Evil And Attack itselves, and he appeared in Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side.


Jenner explaining his plan in The Secret of NIMH.

Jenner's evil plan- The Secret Of NIMH01:00

Jenner's evil plan- The Secret Of NIMH

Story Role

The Other Side

Jenner is a member of the rat colony who dwells in the rose bush at Fitzgibbon's farm. The wise leader of the rats; Nicodemus wishes for the rats to leave the rose bush and journey to Thorn Valley for a better life where they cannot disturb humans. Jenner opposes this plan but the vast majority of the rats are not on his side. When Sora, Donald and Goofy accompany Mrs. Brisby to the rose bush to vouch for her as she tries to save her family; he is immediately suspicious about them. After they leave Nicodemus' chamber, Sora overhears Jenner and his sidekick Sullivan and learns that Jenner plans to kill Nicodemus and take over the colony. He (Sora), Donald and Goofy now make plans to stop him.

Jenner soon learns that the "three meddlesome fools" are onto his plot and sends some of his henchmen and some Heartless (who were attracted to him by the darkness in his heart) to kill them. They overcome their assassins and go to warn Mrs. Brisby, Justin and Nicodemus of Jenner's treachery. Mrs. Brisby is being held in the Fitzgibbon household as a pet and they first try to free her. After springing her from her "prison" they set out to save Nicodemus and expose Jenner. But, they are too late! Jenner cut the ropes suspending the Brisby home while the rats tried to move it and sent it crashing down on the wise old rat. Jenner says this was a tragic accident, but Sora tries to tell the other rats that he is lying. Mrs. Briby warns them that N.I.M.H is coming to exterminate them; but Jenner attacks her in fury.

Justin and Sora come to her aid and together, they engage Jenner in a two-on-one duel. Jenner knocks Sora down but Justin stabs him and wounds him. As Justin explains to the other rats that they will leave for Thorn Valley, Jenner tries to sneak up on him and kill him.Sora throws his keyblade at him as Sullivan (who Jenner wounded as he tried to protect Mrs. Brisby) throws a dagger. Both weapons bury themselves in Jenner's back and he falls off the rock and is finally dead.

In one scene after the heroes leave "The Land of Mice and Rats", the nefarious Maleficent arrives. She looks down at Jenner's body and is laughing evilly. A sign that she may ressurect him and make him the newest member of her gang.

Aqua's Journey

In Aqua's Journey, Traverse Town has Under Attack by Enemies, Jenner Orders The Heartless and Defeat Them. When Aqua Will Stop Jenner and His Minions Before They Are Too Late!

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