Jetray103 is the first youtube character to be in any kingdom hearts game. He works iwth Sora to fight the enemy D.I.V. jetray103 made just for his old abanden series "Code Smash" which featured the code lyoko gang and 2 fan made characters Boomster900 who once had his own series but still can and some one i forgot it started with a T. Jetray103 has also made some new series like Boss Battles, Nightwalks, Life in Organization XIII, and Ect. he is also planning to make a seires called Not-So-Final Fantasy.


1 781684

Home World


Voice Actor
Zackery Lowery (jetray103 himself)


jetray103's Creations get released from his computer by Shaxel and jetray103 is the second person who is turned into a heartless and changed back, first being Sora. Jetray's creation D.I.V. want revenge on jetray for not continuing his series. Which he does by trying to kill all of jetray's good creations while working with Nat.

In Battle

Jetray103 can burst through into high speed bashing into multiple enemes like beast in kingdom hearts 2. He can also stun enemies with his camera but the move needs 2 seconds to charge, If not it will back fire on him. His limit Video Upload let's jetray and sora get in a data platform and by pressing the Triangle button sora can Shoot the time line bar forward to any enemies in front of him and by pressing the X button jetray causes the HQ explosion. in the end the platform disappears and jetray uploads the video and what sora and jetray just did is replayed in the background which causes multiple hits while sora can still do his regular combos.

Battle Quotes

  • "File Uploaded" (in Limit)
  • "Insanity....Rising" (Low HP)
  • "Craptastic" (Defeated)
  • "Holy Be Jebus" (Revived)
  • "Awesome" (Being Healed)
  • "Something for your Insanity" (Healing Sora, Donald, or Goofy)
  • "It's not Mountain Dew, but it'll have to do" (Healing Himself)

As you can see Jetray103's Quotes don't really make much sense

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