John Carter


Home world
Ally, Party Member
ER (1994-2009), #1.1. 24 Hours (1994)
Voiced by
Noah Wyle

John Carter is a character encountered by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He appears in the first, second and third visits to County General and is a party member during the third.


First visit

When Sora, Donald and Goofy first arrive in County General, Carter is still a young, inexperienced med student hoping to become a surgeon.

Second visit

Carter is now a doctor in the ER, guiding promising young med student Lucy Knight. When Maleficent corrupts the mind of a patient named Paul Sobricki, Carter and Lucy are attacked. Carter survives, but Lucy does not.

Third visit

With Greene gone, Carter is now the leading figure in the ER.

In Battle

Carter has basic kick and punch combos which are good for keeping enemies busy, allowing Sora to jump in and strike them. Carter's defense is very low, but he makes up for it with great speed. While his attack power is quite low, his speed allows for successive combos which make up for that. His ranged attack involves him flinging syringes at enemies. If struck, these will temporary paralyze the target, making it a sitting duck for Sora and other party members. His limit, Heart Attack, involves Carter flinging syringes as well, but these act as poison, slowly draining a target's HP so Sora can finish them off. The finish is called Flatline and has Carter tossing a vial with mixed chemicals into the air. Sora and Carter jump out of the way and the vial hits the ground, causing a huge explosion which sends enemies flying into the air.

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