John Polder
Home world
Ally, Party Member
Killer (2006)
Voiced by
Shaun Fleming

John Polder is a character in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


John is a police detective who, together with his colleague Stephanie Berg, has solved many cases. Their latest case, the disappearance of Dr. Harold Pauw, has brought him into contact with the Heartless. Working together with Sora, Donald and Goofy, he fights against Nilmax and Xerruy and their assorted Heartless.

In Battle

John is mainly an offensive fighter, relying on kick and punch combos. If he gets a complete combo in, he'll finish with a headbutt that throws the enemy backwards. He has two long-range attacks: Shoot, which is a single shot from his pistol, and Guns a Blazin', which is a very powerful pistol combo. His limit, Twin Strike, consists of Sora and John hooking their arms together and spinning around, hitting anything that gets too close, before finishing with a powerful explosion of energy.

Battle Quotes

  • "Hold it!"
  • "Let's get them, Sora!"
  • "A little help!" (low on HP)
  • "Oh, boy..." (defeat)
  • "What just happened?" (revived)
  • "Thanks, that's better" (healed or revived by another party member)


In Killer, John and Stephanie investigate the murder of Dr. Pauw, which turns out to be the work of his genetic experiment, Ivanek Czehanovsky.

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