Wielder of (at least one) Keyblade who were at the peak of their skills, Keyblade Masters could take on apprentices and train them in how to wield a Keyblade, some were even apprentices before passing their trials. However, not all Keyblade Masters were trained by another, some selftaught themselves the skills needed to fight and wield a Keyblade.

Potential Keyblade weilders who have passed their Mark of Mastery Exam and balancing vvery extordinary fighting and useage of magic are qualified to be True Keyblade Masters.

King Mickey and Aqua are the two active Keyblade Masters, Sora & Riku will become Keyblade Masters After They pass their Mark Of Mastery Exam

Keyblade Masters have exteraordinary powers like perform the Keyblade Inheiritance Ceremony and extracting one's heart. they are expers of using magic and physical attacks.

Keyblade Masters & Future Keyblade Masters

Master Yen Sid (Retired)


King Mickey

Master Eraqus



Selena Licht ( Grand Master)

Master Keiran

Lady Kaizarina Sage

Master Niex

Headmistress Kaizaria Sage

Master Xeni

Master Mira Lightkamikaze

Master Yami Light

Master Claire Dawn

Master Kira Darkamikaze

Xehart Light ( Head Master/ Grand Master )

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