Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light
Release date
Action RPG
Playstation 4

Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light is a Kingdom Hearts game that occurs after Kingdom Hearts II and concurrent with the events of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance


Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light, unlike Kingdom Hearts II ½, restricts itself mainly to Disney and Square properties, making use of Disney's recent acquisitions of Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm. 


After the events of Kingdom Hearts II, all seems well with the Nobodies defeated. However, the Heartless remain a constant threat, and Lettox, a returning antagonist from Kingdom Hearts II ½, seeks to rebuild Organization XIII, having resurrected various defeated Nobodies and spreading Heartless to various worlds.  Mickey Mouse leads a team of heroes, the Alliance of Light, to save the worlds from darkness.

Playable characters


  1. Lettox
  2. Xonech
  3. Xadna
  4. Naranox
  5. Xashen
  6. Mystix
  7. Malax
  8. Xaïn
  9. Mexik
  10. Xed
  11. Maxem
  12. Laxim
  13. Xepter




  • Mickey Mouse is the main protagonist of this game, as was originally intended in the first Kingdom Hearts

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