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"Darkness, if only I found out how to vanquish it... we wouldn't be here-"

"Don't say that! You did your best, now its Sora's turn. You said it yourself, we're in good hands!"

The Dark Meridian, probably the worst place to be now. Even for these two exact different looking character. Girl boy, light dark, young old, yet they both share the same dream: Help fight the Heartless. They don't care when they get out, they just want a way out.

"What if Sora and Riku can't win?"

The man in the dark cloak had- or should I say has - his fair share of darkness. But for some reason the girl is seeing the light of it.

"You talked about the connection of my friends and those two. He has to win, they beat those 'heartless', 'nobodies' and your apprentice. All thats left is Master Xehanort, or Terra-Xehanort whatever he is now."

See I just proved it, she's trying to stay possitive. No matter how funny it was, the cloaked man gave out a chuckle. The first one in half a year.

More a comin'



A teenage boy with a keyblade. Years went by since his mysterious weapon first appeared in his home world of DESTINY ISLAND. His best friend Riku,(Another Keyblade wielder)and Kairi(Limited Keyblade use) were just regular kids when the darkness came. Consuming Riku at his own will and also consuming the Islands. Meeting Donald and Goofy at TRANSVERSE TOWN, they set out to find Sora's friends and King Mickey. Traveling to new worlds they defeated Malifiecent's heartless. But a new foe emerged... Ansem and Xemnas...

More Coming...

Worlds So Far:

Destiny Islands

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