Kingdom Hearts: The Other Side
Developer(s) JMan2.0 Productions
Release date(s) TBA
Genre Action-RPG
Game modes
Ratings E10+
Platform(s) Ps3


New Characters



  • Lutan: An ascended entity who along with a group of other such beings that felt that they could do better than the Creator and thus created their own dimension filled with their own array of new worlds. Lutan however could never be satisfied. He comes to seek to destroy everything, theirs and the creators, in order to start anew as he still feels perfection was not achieved.  A major point of contention being all the evil/darkness that exsits within them. Being seen as too extreme, his peers combined heir might to strip Lutan of his power.  Leaving him in a human form living among man.  Though now he's seeking to put his plans forward, but needs to rely on others to do the groundwork due to the lack of his former power.

Established Characters

Princesses of Heart

Council of Villains


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