After Defeating the Organization -13 and finding out how to use the keybalde dagers the second universe is at peace but there are still some worlds sora didn't go to in the first universe that he has to go to find the king who has gone missing agian and dagin who has put himself in a pickle but this time it's the fake ansem who is doing all of this. the ansem from the first kingdom hearts game but now he wants revenge for destroy both organization 13 and -13 so now he's taken over the heartless once again and it's up to sora to set things right with riku, donald and goofy. but now there is a new enemy called the evilight the light turned evil in some hearts

New stuff

  • now you get to have 3 partners sence riku has joined sora
  • the drive, limit, limit break(358/2days), summon, and D-link make a return
  • you don't have to go to the gummy ship levels they are optional
  • a new enemy called the evilight

new Worlds

  • Grove Street
  • Sky High
  • sanic
  • Murray High School
  • New York University/mahatten (or where ever the new sorceror's appentice 2010 took place)

there will be more later on


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