It's been 2 years sence sora was on the second universe and alot has changed sense he was gone new worlds were made and an old foe returns. and not just cartoon network tv shows are here but the movies they premeired the most like "Monster House" or Casper movies and other shows they premeire on specail acations like "Goosebumps".


Returning Worlds

  • Bellwood
  • CN Realm
  • Galeria Mall
  • Peach Creak (cul-de-sac)
  • Total Drama Plane (TDWT)
  • Marzipan City
  • Toy Chest (Foster's)
  • Towsville
  • Candy Kingdom
  • New New York

New Worlds

  • Battle Zone
  • Galactic Republic (not a big fan of star wars don't expect much)
  • Coolsville
  • Pirate movie studio (moxy show)
  • Deep Sea-lab
  • Abandoned Mansion
  • Nebbercracker's House
  • Camp Kidney
  • Polynuex Middle School
  • Bunny Island
  • Dystopic
  • Gollyworld
  • Tower Prep
  • Destruction Site
  • Freak-a-lair

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