Kirby the pink, round, and heroic marshmallow who has saved dreamland multiple times from either King DeDeDe or something else. He's able to suck in his enemies and take their abilities.

In Story

searching for a way to stop King DeDede from turning the wizard from "Kirby's Adventure" into a heartless. Kirby tries to inhale a heartless but the darkness in the heartless was to powerful and the darkness in kirby overfload and almost turned him into a heartless if sora didn't save him. Once kirby was changed back he joins sora to get king dedede they run into Meta-knight who battles kirby to test his strengths once meta-knight was defeated he tells sora where kingdedede is and gives sora the "warp star' key blade he both beats kingdedede but still summons the wizard the wizard summons the heartless to take care of sora but sora once again saves the day kirby summons the warp star to get the wizard but instead it started to glow and it was the gateway.

In Battle

Kirby uses his old abilities both from smash and his series he has his hammer attack and his final cutter move and he can get in front of an enemy and rapedly punch them for 5 sec. kirby also has a limit called "The Star Rod Power" kirby eats the warpstar and it turns into the star rod kirby and sora are able to shoot multiple stars at enemies and makes it rain stars at enemies.

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