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King Kong (1933)
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Kong is one of the many characters encountered by Sora in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses on Skull Island.


Kong is the last of his kind. Lonely and looking for company, he quickly becomes infatuated with young actress Ann Darrow. Their peaceful time together is ruined when Nilmax and Xerruy show up, attempting to turn Kong into a Heartless. Later, he is captured by Carl Denham and put on display in New York City, where he is killed by the army after escaping and rampaging through the city. His body reveals the Gate to a new world.

As a Boss


In Battle



  • Along with Beast, Riku, Peter Pan, Cloud, Leon and the T-800, Kong is one of the few characters who is both a boss and an assistant/party member.
  • Kong is one of the few assistants who is not an ally to Sora.

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