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Dinosaur (2000)
Voiced by
Kevin Michael Richardson

Kron is one of the many Disney characters that Sora encounters in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses in The Cretaceous.


Though an antagonist, Kron cannot be seen as an actual villain. He is not evil or using the Heartless in any sort of scheme. He is, however, a ruthless leader of the dinosaur herd that Sora, Donald and Goofy join, leaving any stragglers behind for the Velociraptors, Carnotaurs and Heartless to pick off. Kron will not tolerate dissent and sees his leadership style as the only way to get the herd to the breeding ground. Even if that means losing half the herd - "then we'll save the half that deserves to live". He sees Aladar and Sora as threats to his authority, even moreso with Aladar taking a romantic interest in his sister Neera. Pete manipulates him into believing Aladar and Sora are staging a coup. In the end, this leads to growing darkness in his heart which the Heartless exploit. This leads to his demise.

As a Boss

Kron's attacks are predictable but very powerful. His most basic attack is Thumb Stab, which is a swing with his hand which carries a large thumb spike. Charge involves Kron charging around the arena, ramming Sora. Using Guard at the right moment will stop the attack and temporarily stun Kron. Tail Swing is a hard to dodge, but not very dangerous. At times, Kron will rear up to do Smash, a powerful attack which causes a large shockwave. As his HP runs low, Heartless will start appearing around him and attack Sora.

Battle Quotes

  • "The herd is MINE!!"
  • "Get out of here!"
  • "Insolent little...."
  • "You are not fit to lead"
  • "You'll never win!"
  • "You'll be food for the Carnotaurs!"
  • (defeat) "Not....over....yet!"


  • In Dinosaur, Kron was voiced by Samuel E. Wright. In Kingdom Hearts II ½, he is replaced by Kevin Michael Richardson, who also replaced him as the voice of Sebastian after The Little Mermaid.

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