Kyle Reese


Home world
Ally, Party Member
The Terminator (1984)
Voiced by
Michael Biehn (adult) & Quinton Flynn (young)

Kyle Reese is one of the many characters Sora encounters in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is a party member in the first visit to City of Angels and a secondary character in the fourth.


First visit


Young Kyle Reese

Reese is sent into the past by the Resistance to protect Sarah Connor from the Terminator, sent to eliminate her before her son is born. He is surprised when Heartless also appear, not being familiar with any such creatures existing in the past. He is quick to realize the importance of Sora, Donald and Goofy to wipe out the Heartless and decides to stick with them. Together they defeat the Terminator and thwart Pete's plans, but Reese does not surive the battle.

Paradoxally, Reese is also John Connor's father.

Fourth visit

A younger Kyle Reese is encountered by Sora, Donald and Goofy in the post-Judgement Day world. He doesn't remember them of course, but he hasn't met them yet. Skynet attempts to eliminate him to erase John Connor's existence (by preventing Reese from going into the past to father him), but Sora, Donald, Goofy, John and Marcus save him.

In Battle

Reese has relatively low attack power but a very high defense. He has fast punch combos which can pin enemies long enough for Sora to join in with a few well placed Keyblade swipes, and his Shotgun attack can defeat weaker enemies with a few successive hits. He can also drop bombs, not unlike Jack Sparrow. His limit, Twin Blast, allows Sora to use the Keyblade to knock his bombs at targeted enemies. This is very effective when dealing with one or more enemies with high HP. The finish, Triple Blast, uses three bombs instead of one. A well placed Twin Blast can obliterate powerful enemies with relative ease.

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