XII - The Savage Nymph - Despite what happened in castle oblivion larxene is now a good guy who is a part of organization XIII. the xiii now are good guys instead of bad. she has knifes to throw at her enemies. and the power of lightning.Larxene

In Story

Larxene is working with Carthaxe to find the rest of organization XIII sense the -XIII scatter the rest. when sora enters the Titan tower in the 2nd visit he meets larxene again and still remembers what heppened in the past even if namine' changed sora's memories. He tries to destroy her but figures out the truth

In Battle

Larxene has her electric knifes to throw and cut enemies with she has a limit called "The Savage Nymph" which his her organization name. which lets her shoot her knifes into the air and the kand on the ground 5x the amount of knifes (raining knifes) sora only performs thundaga by pressing the triangle button but it uses no MP. in the end the knifes fly through all directions destroying almost everything they touch.


  • "Thunder" (Thunder spell
  • "not now!!!" (Low HP)
  • "almost..had....him" (faint/dead)
  • "thanks" (healed)
  • "YEAH" (Revived)
  • "Let's Finish this" (The Savage Nymph)

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