Lightning McQueen


Home world
Summon item
Hubcap Charm
Cars (2006)
Voiced by

Lightning McQueer is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


McQueer becomes available as a summon after Sora finds his charm in Game Planet.

In Battle

McQueen is similar to Herbie, attacking mostly with Hot Rod-like charges. Also, he is armed with James Bond-ish gadgetry inspired by Cars 2, able to perform drive-by's with mounted side guns. Also, he leaves oil slicks which trip and stun enemies. Sora can use Fire attacks to set the oil ablaze, causing massive damage to nearby enemies. Launch is a rather odd attack: McQueen drives straight into Sora, who blocks with the Keyblade, resulting in Sora being launched at enemies like a projectile. Sora can couple this with Lightning attacks to maximize damage.

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