Remmuxs'(OC) Keyblades

Alraune Ravager

Blaid's (OC) Keyblades

Inferno Heart

Final Oblivion

Earth Shaker

Creation's Rapture

Shadow's (OC) Keyblades


True Oblivion

Isabelle's (OC) Keyblades

Chaos Reaper

Crossing Midnight

Perfect Dawn (short for Perfect Way to the Dawn)

Dark Chaser's Keyblades

Anthoxer's Dark Keyblade - Disguised Darkness

Novade's Dark Keyblade - Chaos Reaper

Destra's Dark Keyblade - Darkness Flooder

Median's Dark Keyblade - True Light's Flight

Maña's Dark Keyblade - Midnight Roar

Anoc's Dark Keyblade - Unversed Darkness

Medi's Dark Keyblade - Total Eclipse

Keyblades uses in EvnyofDeath's Fanfiction and the Third War Between Darkness and Light that are Made by BoRadiant

The Emperor of Darkness/Blaid Dark/Dark Blaid's Keyblades

The Emperor of Darkness' First Keyblade - Darkness Claw

The Emperor's Second Keyblade - Darkness Fang

The Nameless Keyblade

Completed Nameless Keyblade/Completed Keyblade of People's Hearts/Compact Z-Blade

The Z-Blade (pronounced Zaay-Blade) - In Full Size

Perfected Z-Blade (pronounced Zaay-Blade) - As it appears

Toru Marek/Morrigana Valen's Keyblade - Path alongside Darkness

Tormack Dark's Keyblade - Foul Air

Shinji Shade's Keyblade - Monster's Fangs

Rex Sheder's Keyblade - Wall of Doom

Keyblades in Darkness and Light/Reigning Shadows

In Evnyofdeath's Kingdom Hearts fanfics Darkness and Light and Reigning Shadows, two main characters, Yami and Hikari weild a keyblade.

Maiden's Wrath

Yami and Hikari's Keyblade is known as Maiden's Wrath. It is pure white with the exceptions of the "teeth" and the handguard. The handguard is in the form of angle wings, and are white with a pale blue at the tips of the wings, while the "teeth" are a golden cresent moon. The "blade" of the weapon is in the form of a gentle S curve, and is roughly 2 and a half feet long. This Keyblade's Keychain is in the form of a drop of Light, or a star.

"Almost Keyblades"/Dark Illusion

At one point when Yami was under the complete control of the Darkness, he was able to manifest two "Almost Keyblades" made out of pure Darkness. They were in the general shape of his Energy Sword, except longer. They also had the main characteristics of a Keyblade, including a circular handguard, and "teeth" however they lacked Keychains. During the Fight against Blaid, Yami goes mad and the two "Almost Keyblades" manifest into a Dark Keyblade called Dark (short for Darkness) Illusion, which he uses with more power than previosuly expected in combat even though Blaid still knocks Yami down and sends them into the Realm of Darkness.

Lunar Break

After Hikari escapes the Realm of Darkness, she is given a new Keyblade called, Lunar Break. It is silver, and the handguard is a connected crescent moon, while the blade is a pair of metal poles, connected at the top by another crescent moon. The weapons "teeth" are described as being a "broken orb" and the keychain is a half moon.

Demonic Angel

Kingdom Hearts Video games and Movies

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