Luka Kovac


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Ally, Party Member
ER (1994-2009), #6.1 Leave it to Weaver (1999)
Voiced by
Goran Visnjic

Luka Kovac is a character in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He appears during the second, third and fourth visit to County General and is a party member in the fourth.


Second visit

Luka is a new doctor working in the ER. Little is known about his past.

Third visit

When Sora, Donald and Gooffy revisit County General, Luka is still around as one of the most senior doctors in the ER.

Fourth visit

Luka is kidnapped by Curtis Ames, a vengeful former patient whose mind has been clouded by Maleficent's wiles.

In Battle

Luka has the highest attack power of all County General party members, which is traded in for a lower defense and speed. He fights with swift kick and punch combos, occasionally knocking enemies into the air. He also tosses scalpels as a long-range attack (Greene also uses a scalpel, but only for melee attacks). His limit, Thoracotamy, involves Luka repeatedly tossing Sora into the air alongside an enemy, allowing for successive aerial combos. The finish, Asystole, involves Luka jumping into the air after Sora, grabbing him and tossing him back to the floor where he lands feet first on the Keyblade, releasing a powerful blast of energy with a lot of splash damage.


  • Luka is the only party member in County General who doesn't appear during the first visit.
  • In the series, Luka was the first lead character which hadn't been in the series since it began in 1994.
  • After the fourth visit storyline is completed, Luka hands Sora the Croatian Lucky Charm keychain. This Keyblade increases defense and the drop rate of rare items.

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