The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series
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Homeworld Enchanted Dominion
Other residences World of Dark City
Role Antagonist
First Appearance Sleeping Beauty
Voiced by Susanne Blakeslee (English)
Toshiko Sawada (Japanese)
Maleficent is the powerful dark fairy, and the Mistress of All Evil, looms into darkness in her quest to curse Princess Aurora by pricking her finger on a spindle of the spinning wheel. She is one of the major antagonists In The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series.


The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts

Maleficent's First Appearance, and Has Presumably Comes in Sight. Ansem and his Guardian are Virtually Search For Sora And its Commanders, as Seen In Episode 24. She Is Extremely Anger to Search Against Derek.

On the Several Episodes Maleficent With Ansem Can Orders itself. And then She Came over the Darkness to Search the Heroic Humanity. Although she is undoubtful but the goons met the Witch, and apparently got the plan for their tranquility. But After calling the goons idiots and imbeciles and intimidating them into running away by conjuring dark lightning bolts with her staff. This angers Them, and Was conjuring the dark heat-ray, and Vaporized into Nothingness.

Maleficent goons

Maleficent unleashes the dark lightning storms to scare the goons away.

At the Same time, Maleficent spends her own life to met the two sith lords Darth bane and Darth Maul. Nonetheless, she was avenging the staff, to activated the evil spell: "It will blow the jedi cowards away, I Will roar to extinction!" Then Transforms into Dragon! Suddenly, Maleficent rages with its flaming breath to blasts over the land of Dathomir. Since that the Goons was started for the tournament and battle against the undead witches.


Maleficent in her Dragon Form.

With the Tournament ended, Maleficent Enjoys the sith Lords, Ready for Many Battles. Maleficent and Ansem discovered the ruins of Hollow Bastion, Many Heartless Carriers are going to Stomp off the entrance. Despite that the Goons realized that are not idiots. However, She took part of battle over many worlds, until then they are going to make a plan for the last invasion.

Maleficent later participated in the battle in Tokyo, where he battled Sailor Pluto viciously. Maleficent quickly took Sailor Pluto prisoner when flanks of Heartless troops arrived to produce backup. However, Wheelie and Brains sabotaged a massive Pureblood Heartless battlecruiser. As it hovered over the Villains, including ansem and Maleficent, Wheelie released the smaller Heartless ships from within. The ships came crashing down on the Heartless, crushing several as well. This gave Sailor Pluto the chance to raise her left arm with a gun at Maleficent's head and blast it apart.