Max Goof


Home world
Disney Castle (Disney Town)
Summon item
Skateboard Charm
Goof Troop (1992-1993)
Voiced by
Jason Marsden

Max Goof is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is the son of Sora's pal Goofy.


Max's charm can be found in the Disney Castle.

In Battle

Max rides around on a skate board, much like Sora in Kingdom Hearts II. His attacks are fairly similar to Sora's in this mode, consisting of spins and flips which send enemies flying high into the air if struck. Punt is a move in which Max kicks his skate board downward during a high jump, severely damaging enemies directly hit and striking others with splash damage. Death Skate, Max's finishing move, causes the skate board to grow ten times in size (about as big as a small car), causing a lot more damage. If Punt is used in this mode, even the splash damage will destroy most waker enemies.

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