Decepticon Commander Megatron
ArmadaMegs Starsaber Skyboom
The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series
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Homeworld World Of Darkness
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Role Leader Antagonist
First Appearance Transformers: Armada
Voiced by David Kaye (English)

Kotaro Nakamura (Japanese)

Megatron is One Of Tripod Leader's Commanders in Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey to taking over The World. Then In The Galactic Universe XP Kingdom Hearts, Megatron Was Now Transform to Dragon Form. Then He Rebuilt As Galvatron, Who Transform to Phoenix Form.


Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey and Dark Of The Wars

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts

Megatron Introduced in Motion Picture, He is seen Looked the Siege of Traverse Town, later he ordered Frollo to Capture Kairi and Take her away. When Megatron is teaming up with Xenomorphous to start the battle on earth, Suddenly, He Swoops down against Optimus and Battles against him, Until then, He Retreated along with Decepticons, Causing the Darkness to Explode.

Megatron is Seen Stranded in asteroid, He Met Dr. Nefarious and Lawrence, as a world of Dark alliance. He wanted to serve onto the counterfact. Since that the Decepticons did that the war has just the beginning.

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