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Midgar Plate

A source of energy for every nation around the world and a city divided by rich or poor, the Rich live upon the Plate while the poor live in the slums, Shinra Incorperation is found here and has complete control over the city


Characters of Athority/Interest

Blaid Tenebrae

Shadow Obscurus


Rufus Shinra





A muscluar coloured man whom is the muscle of the Turks, a private force of Secret Security for the Shinra President since the Shinra Empire, Rude fights with his fist and has a number of endearing Magic.

Seen to go on little missions for the President alonside his companion: Reno,




The Shinra Empire

For Two Thousand Years those of the Shinra have fought constantly over the lands surrounding its capital city of Midgar, for the next 1,950 Years the Shinra Empire caused death and Chaos, almost gaining a large amount of land and the tyrany to prove it.

However the Radiant Empire had quickly became its rival, within the next few years, superior numbers and equipment of the Radiant Empire and its allied Nations of Light quickly defeated the Shinra Empire.

Beforehand the Shinra Empire created a group of beings through Project J, one of them being Sephiroth, at the defeat of the Shinra Empire they either went to ground or sided with the Dark Empire however some have been known to have gone insane.


Sector 0

The City Sector located above the plate at the centre, it does not have slums.

Shinra Tower

The HQ of Shinra Inc. Located at the Heart of Sector 0, it is the heart of the stock markets in the city and around in nearby territories of the Radiant Empire including Radiant Garden, Rufus Shinra is located here and it stands as the only access into Deepground.

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 3

Sector 4

Sector 5

Sector 6

Sector 7

Sector 8


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