Minnie Mouse


Home world
Plane Crazy (1928)
Voiced by
Russi Taylor

Queen Minnie Mouse is one of the many Disney characters encountered  Kingdom Hearts II ½ and Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light.


Minnie is the Queen of Disney Castle, married to King Mickey Mouse.


Kingdom Hearts

Minnie is only seen in the cutscene where Mickey's letter is found. She sends Jiminy Cricket along with Donald and Goofy as they set off to locate the Key bearer.

Kingdom Hearts II

Minnie summons Sora, Donald and Goofy to the Disney Castle after Maleficent fills the Hall of the Cornerstone with thorns. With the help of Merlin, they discover that Pete is interfering with the sacred Cornerstone of Light in Timeless River, a past version of the area (before the castle was built).

Kingdom Hearts II ½

Minnie summons Sora and his friends once again after Hades wreaks havoc in the castle.

Kingdom Hearts: Alliance of Light


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