Anvil of the Void

Anvil of the Awakening within the Mound of Judgement

A location (world in the original series of Kingdom Hearts) that holds a large topped Volcano with a path inside the Mountain, within it is a magical anvil which can be used by Masters of the Keyblade to Forge New Keyblades for the use in different elements depending on the Maker.


War between Darkness and Light Series

2000+ Years Ago

The Family Line of the Chasers as well as a small group of other Keyblade Masters were the only ones to be allowed into the inner sanctum of the Mound of Judgement, the Mound was in fact a Keyblade Forge that was adopted by the Dark Keyblade Masters during the War led by Master Xehanort and Darkfire, since then it has long been taken back by the Armies of the Light.

2 Millenia later

The Heartless gain control of the Mound not long after Xehanort's reserection where he begins to sacrifice Unversed to forge Dark Keyblades out of their Hearts as Hearts of Darkness are far more difficult to draw into the Realm of Light since the War, these Keyblades and their wielders are:

  • Disguised Darkness Keyblade - Arashi.

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