Mouse Kingdom
Origin The Great Mouse Detective
Games Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers
Ally Basil
Keyblade Wielders n/a
Language(s) English
Theme Music A Daring Rescue
Battle Music N/A

The Mouse kingdom Was A World, as it appears in Kingdom Hearts 3: The Return of the Chasers It was Also Known as Mousedom.


Ratigan Has Revived by Iblis, And Murder all Mouse Humanity By Heartless Shadow Ships, Nobody Satellites, and Unversed Tanks. Basil Comes to Sora and His Chasers Comes on A Blimp, Goes to Big Ben, His Vengeance Of Heartless Guard Armor Has Overthrown by Sora. Zack Fair Meet The Monstrous Nobody Of Scar, and Fight Against it. And Sora Met Ratigan In his Final Form. Weapons Of Chasers attacked and Obliterates Ratigan, And Finally Destroyed.

Basil Thanks to Sora and His Friends, Where He Would follow to its Next Mission.


Boss Themes

  • Ratigan - Sinking Peril
  • Ratigan (Final Form) - Destiny's Force

Kingdom Hearts: Adventures of Krystal

  • Ratigan - Moritsune
  • Ratigan (Enraged form) - Danemon Ban's Theme

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