Moxy is the first Cartoon network character to ever be made. Started in his own show called "The Moxy Show" Produced by Hanna-Barbera. also featuring other characters and shorts with in the show like Flea, Space ghost, and jessie and the pussycats. After being the first abonden CN Character now he returns as a Summon in the cartoon network summon list.



Home World
Ally, Summon,
Summon Item
Flea Charm
The Moxy Show
Voiced by
Bobcat Goldthwait

In Story

after saving the heart of the universe from the heartless the lines showed sora what the first world was going to be like but got replaced by The Intersection. but Moxy's heart still lives in the CN Realm so sora finds Moxy in the CN Realm so Moxy gives Sora the Flea Charm. Which was ment to be a reference of "the flea show" that was a short in "the moxy show"

In Battle

When sora summons Moxy he is in his original setting he gets Flea and flea starts to torture the heartless by making them to itchy for battle and moxy attacks them. to tell you the truth i don't know much about the moxy show.


Moxy was the first cartoon network character made in 3D animations.

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