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Nanaki, a.k.a. Red XIII, is a summon in Kingdom Hearts II ½.


Nanaki is unlocked by locating his charm in Concrete Jungle.

In Battle

Nanaki's attacks are mainly physical, though enhanced with magic spells. His attack pattern resembles that of Sabor in Deep Jungle - he dashes across the arena, striking at enemies with lightning speed and retreating before they have a chance to perform a counterattack. Saber Wind allows Sora to ride Nanaki's back, pouncing across the arena and creating powerful energy blasts. It is also possible to perform a weaker version of Sonic Blade while riding Nanaki. Catfight is Nanaki's finishing move, depleting most of the summon gauge. Sora briefly passes most of his power over to Nanaki, who shoots across the arena even faster, causing massive damage to anything he hits.

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