In the year 1999 at new years eve a delivery boy named Fry went to deliver pizza to a lab but when he dozes off he falls into a frozen container set to 1000 years. He wakes up finding out everyone he knew is dead.

New New York


Futurama (1999)
Party Member
Delivery Ship


Jafar uses his magic to send off soundwaves in the factory that the professor works at making the ship and Bender go insane. With no ship to fly with and Bender being made to destroy everyone else it makes things impossible there. To make things worse Jafar takes on Sora himself even though Maleficent said wait til he's going to go against a member of the negative 13. Jafar becomes impatient and is sent back into his Lamp. In the end Sora takes Jafar back to agrabah in the cave of wonders where he can never be found again.


  • Fry (Billy West)
  • Bender (John Dimaggio)
  • Leela (Katey Sagal)
  • Amy Wong (Lauren Tom)
  • Zoidberg (Billy West)
  • Professor Farnsworth (Billy West)
  • Hermes (Phil LaMarr)
  • Jafar (Jonathan Freeman)


  • Jafar (Squirming Evil)
  • Possesed Bender (Vim & Vigor)
  • Possesed Ship (The Corrupted)

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