Oneon Productions Logo

Oneon Productions Logo

(オハイオ州の新プロダクションを Ohaio-shū no shin purodakushon o), pronounced as "Oh-Neon", is a North American producer of video games. The team is fairly new having changed recently from thier former name, Hollow Production Team. Currently they are in the stages of producing what they hope will be their main stream game series, Silent Destiny. The team began in August 2005 and consists a small number of free lance video game designers and developers.

They have yet to branch into the main stream video game business and thus, have no companies outside of the United States.


Currently, Oneon only has video game assets. Of these assets, only the Silent Destiny series exist. The team plans to expand on their video games in all different direction sometime in the future.

Oneon game franchises

Silent Destiny - Established in 2005

FanFiction Works

Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Destinies - Established in 2008.

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