A robot from the planet Galaluna crash into sherman to escape the war that an evil general has caused. When the escape pot crashes in the world he is also with Lance and Princess Ilana. He's an important link of making the Sym-Bionic Titan. He chooses when the Sym-Bionic form is activated and can tell when Ilana or Lance's armor have been activated. To desguise himself from the humans he turns into 2 forms both named Newton. A father of Ilana an Lance to keep the citizen's fooled and a student in school to keep track of Ilana and Lance.



Home World
other residence
Ally, Summon
Summon Item
Galalunas Necklace
"Sym-Bionic Titan" (2010)
Voiced by
Brian Posehn

In Story

When the Lava Monster crashes into the world Octus accidently Activates Sym-Bionic Titan for the first time when he never knew it excisted. Sora some how gets sucked in which let's large bosses be able to be fought and lets Sym-Bionic Titan use the Keyblade.

In Battle

In battle Octus is in his robot form, he can morph into a sphere and act as a sheild to protect Sora. He also inhances Sora's Thunder Spell. When Sora activates the Sym-Bionic Armor Octus does NOT turn into Sym-Bionic Titan but but covers Sora with the same armor Octus and the Sym-Biobnic Titan is surrounded by to increase deffence and lets Sora shoot lasers & fly.

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