Odd in Universe 2 is an Ally in Lyoko but is not a partner so he's a summon in battle.

Odd Della Robia


Home World
Summon Item
Arrow Claw
Code Lyoko(2003)
Voiced by
Matthew Géczy

Summon Item

The Arrow Claw can be found in Lyoko: the Computer Room

In Battle

as Sora fights, Odd shoots his Laser Arrows from above. After a while Sora jumps on the overboard with Odd and the controls for this are that the Triangle Button makes Odd shoots 3 laser Arrows & Press the X Button for Sora to throw the Keyblade to stuns the enemy like in Chain of Memories. At the end sora pulls off a combo on the most powerfull enemy while odd shoots 25 laser arrows on sorounding enemies

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