Olympus Coliseum
Origin Hercules, Clash Of The Titans, Spartacus, and 300.
Games Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Olympic Games, and Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey
Ally Hercules, Perseus, Spartacus The Warrior
Keyblade Wielders N/A
Language(s) Greek
Theme Music Olympus Coliseum (Aqua's Journey Only), To Victory
Battle Music Immortals Battle, Come and Get Them, Go For it! (Aqua's Journey Only)
The Olympus Coliseum Is a World In The Universe XP Kingdom Hearts Series, and Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey.


Kingdom Hearts: Aqua's Journey

In Aqua's Journey, Aqua joins Hercules to Beginning the games for Tournament.

Universe XP Kingdom Hearts

When Leonidas Comes in Episode 22 of season 2. Sora, Leader of The Heroes is Met on Greece. Where Decepticons Was Coming into an Darkness in Chaos.

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