PSICOM soldiers

PK-EDCB Soldiers

The PK EDCB (short for Peace Keepers-Exterminators of Darkness, Chaos and Black blood) is a military faction that was created to deal with the Darkness and keep peace in the Realm of Light, the present Margrave of Light and Keyblade Grand Master is David Caelestis whom is assisted by Brigadier General Verity Vinciniti.



Five years after the 4th Great Keyblade War by David Caelestis and has since been commanded by his Second-in-Command: Brigadier General Verity Vinciniti, they started off as a intergalactic peacekeeping force in the Realm of Light and defenders from possible attacks by Heartless and the like, eventually their ranks grew in the next ten years and a faction of them are green soldier with no true strength "Fresh Recruits throwing around Expensive Toys" however the Elites are cold-blooded killers that Selena says that: "If they hit the field its game over".

The Purge

After Darkness Incarnate

Ranks/Specialisations and Equipment


  • PK EDCB Aerial Recon
  • PK EDCB Aerial Sniper
  • PK EDCB Bombardier
  • PK EDCB Dragoon
  • PK EDCB Enforcer
  • PK EDCB Executioner
  • PK EDCB Huntress
  • PK EDCB Infiltrator
  • PK EDCB Predator
  • PK EDCB Raider
  • PK EDCB Ranger
  • PK EDCB Reaver
  • PK EDCB Scavenger
  • PK EDCB Tracker
  • PK EDCB Warden
  • PK EDCB Warlord


Targeting Becon

Mass Produced Blazefire Saber (Submachine Gun/Longsword/Gunblade)

High Tech Armour with wireless network built in

High Tech Weapons depending on fighting style

Havoc Skytank - Divided into different attackable parts, in order of combat importance:

  • Cockpit
  • Main Cannon
  • Starboard Hull
  • Starboard Turret
  • Portside Hull
  • Portside Turret
  • As a Whole

Guard Scorpion

Heli Gunner

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