Paul Sobricki


Home world
ER (1994-2009), #6.13 Be Still, My Heart (2000)
Voiced by
David Krumholtz

Paul Sobricki is a villain in Kingdom Hearts II ½. He is one of the bosses at County General, only appearing during the second visit.


Initially checking into the hospital for a headache, Sobricki was quickly corrupted by the Heartless, becoming confused and combative. Maleficent tricked him into believing Sora and the doctors were going to hurt him, prompting him to attack them. Carter was severely injured and med student Lucy Knight was killed. After Sora, Donald, Goofy and Greene defeated him, he succumbed to the darkness and disappeared.

As a Boss

Brimming with the power of darkness, Sobricki is tougher than he looks. He is very fast, running around to avoid attacks. At times he'll be hard to hit, but Thunder can stop him in his path. He'll also summon a lot of Heartless into battle, and use the forces of darkness to cause lethal pillars to pop up between the floor and the ceiling. He'll also use Thunder-like attacks, sending crackling rays in all directions. Occasionally, he'll create homing energy balls (similar to Chernabog). At times, Sobricki will lunge at Sora for close combat. His kicks and punches can be avoided with reaction commands; if Sora fails in doing so he will be subject to devastating combos.

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