Does seem gineric but its bring up some pages. Aparently there's more to know about in Philly including the National Treasure.



National Treasure(2004)
Benjamin Gates
Ian Howe


Benjamin Gates would do almost anything to find the National Treasure hidden some where in philadelphia. All of the Clues to Find the Treasure are lost until now. Pete gives Ian a deal. If he can find that treasure he can rule his home world with and iron fist if Pete gets 1/2 the profit so pete give him the ability to control heartless to find it.


  • Benjamin Gates (Nicolas Cage)
  • Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger)
  • Riley Poole (Justin Bartha)
  • Ian Howe (Sean Bean)
  • FBI Specail Agent, Peter Sadusky (Harvey Keitel)
  • Patrick Gates (Jon Voight)
  • Citizen A
  • Citizen B (Yves Michel-Beneche)
  • Citizen C


  • Ian (Vim and Vigor)
  • Pete (Rowdy Rumble)
  • Gold Mine Heartless (ShrouDing Dark Cloud)


  • The world map of this area is very identical to the real philadelphia but with less poeple because of the heartless
  • citizen B in this world is a reference to the Meseum Boy giving Riley the letters. thats why he's the only citizen with an actor's name on the back.

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