Plank was first seen in the cartoon Ed, Edd, N' Eddy as a inanimant freind for the character jonny. Now he's a summon in Universe 2.


Plank 300

Home World
the Cul-De-Sac
Summon Item
Painless Splinter
Ed, Edd, N' Eddy
Voiced by

In Story

When sora meets jonny he quickly figures out that he's an old ball like Ed because he talks to his freind plank.

You can get the Painless Splinter after talking to jonny.

In Battle

Sora's keyblade gets replaced with plank which acts kind of like the wooden sword in kingdom hearts 1 but with an exception. When ever sora gets hit by a water based attack plank gets swallen. He gets a lot bigger and Sora's combos are a lot more powerful. Which makes bosses like Demyx a lot more easier. he can also give enemies splinters. When an enemy gets enough there damage starts decreasing until it hits the last HP or until plank is dismissed.

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