Radiant Garden



Radiant Garden is a world that will appear in the upcoming Kingdom Hearts: Twilight Destinies. It will act as a central hub for Sora and his party and will feature all of the mini-games and largest plot based story. Sora is reunited with his friends in this world.

Spoiler warning: Plot/Story/and or ending details follow.


Radiant Garden has recovered much in last two years. The city is finally at it's top and the defenses are well prepared preventing any enemies from ever entering it's gates. Many of the original denizens have returned to the world, however, in the distant crystal plains evil and darkness stir. Radiant Garden itself is mainly a city that over looks a large body of water. It is surrounded by water but large walls keep the city from danger. On the edge of the city are floating gardens protected by magic and technology while the main city is made of ten districts and the main castle Hollow Bastion. At least four of the districts are gardens while the others are marketing or living areas. The castle, however, is still under edit as the Hollow Bastion Restoration Comity still seek to learn it's dark secrets and just in case, discover any more and destroy them. On the outskirts of the city is a large body of water that covers majority of the world. In far distant lands are hills and mountains. One area, still affected by darkness, is the crystal plain where almost all the heartless or banished citizens live.


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Radiant Garden has the most amount of story plot in the entire game that you must come back several different times to complete them.

First Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Riku
  • Kairi
  • King Mickey
  • Goofy
  • Donald
  • Scrooge McDuck
  • Merlin
  • Moogles
  • Princess Hilda

When Sora, Minoru, and Chack arrive to Radiant Gardens, Sora comments on how much it has changed since he's been away. When they enter the City Square, they find Scrooge McDuck under attack by Heartless. They help him out and he pays them back with free tickets to his ice cream shop. After he leaves, Minoru asks Sora who that was. Sora tells Minoru it was Scrooge but he isn't that much of a "Scrooge" regardless what his name is. Chack chuckles and walks away, heading towards the castle entrance. Sora and Minoru attempt to follow, however, they catch a glimpse of something that "looked" like a Heartless. Minoru tells Sora to chase that while he finds out where Chack is heading. While Sora is following the "Heartless" to where ever it may be going, Chack finds himself at the entrance to the large castle at the center of Radiant Gardens. As he looks over it, he mutters to himself that darkness looms inside the walls of this castle. Minoru catches up and asks what Chack is doing. Chack tells Minoru that he felt "pulled" to the castle but he doesn't feel the feeling any more. Minoru tells Chack that Sora went after a Heartless, but Chack doesn't seem worried.

Sora finally catches up to the "Heartless" but it jumps into a portal of darkness before he can catch it. As he begins to feel the wall the portal was touching, strange creatures appear around Sora. They aren't Heartless, nor Nobodys. Sora fights them off and Merlin shows up. Merlin tells Sora that those creatures he just fought, are the Unversed. Sora begins to have chest pains but when Merlin asks him what is wrong, Sora rubs it off and tells him nothing is wrong. Sora follows Merlin to his house where Merlin informs him of the Unversed and there attack on the worlds many years ago. Sora doesn't understand how they have come back and neither does Merlin. As Sora begins to ask Merlin about the creatures he ran into during his visit to World in Ruin, he is interrupted by Chack and Minoru, who barge into Merlin's house. Merlin gets mad but Sora tells him that they are from the Twilight Universe. Merlin goes silent and looks at Chack and Minoru. Merlin mumbles to himself, "That can't be..." but suddenly an explosion can be felt outside.

Sora, Chack, Minoru, and Merlin all run outside to find Nobodys attacking the nearby defense grid. Merlin uses magic to repel the Nobodys attacking the grid but more appear. Sora and his friends deal with them and as soon as they finish Goofy, Donald, and King Mickey come around the corner. Sora is happy to see them and they are to see him. Chack and Minoru don't know what's going on but Sora tells them they are good friends. Mickey tells Sora that Kairi and Riku were looking for him and when they informed him, he started his search here. Goofy and Donald both salute Sora, after they finish hugging him, and apologize but Sora says it's okay. Sora asks Mickey if Riku and Kairi are here, and Mickey confirms that they are waiting near the Outer Courtyards. Sora runs in excitement to meet them, while Chack and Minoru are left behind. Chack tells Minoru that they have their own destinies to complete and now that they have helped Sora, they no longer need to be with him. Minoru tells Chack that they are Sora's friends now and it would be rude just to leave him. Chack brushes this comment off and tells him Sora wouldn't miss them. Minoru gets depressed and follows Chack, who both head towards the 3rd District.

Sora finally catches up to Riku and Kairi. Sora gives Kairi a hug and shakes Riku's hand. They all seem happy until a large explosion over head ruins the moment. A large Unversed comes down to attack them but Sora and Riku fight back. After the battle, Riku tells Sora that Sora's skills have gotten better since he was away, but Sora claims Riku is still stronger then he is. Kairi gives Sora a hug and tells him that she thinks Riku is jealous that Sora has so many neat tricks, but Riku chuckles and says that Sora makes up for his "size" by using a lot of attacks while Riku only needs a few. Sora laughs but stops and asks Riku what that means, which prompts Riku and Kairi into laughter. Sora then tells Riku and Kairi about the situation: The Organization is back, and to make it worse, the Unversed have also returned. Riku tells Sora that he is willing to help this time, seeing as he owes Sora so much for fighting in all of his places. Kairi tells Sora that she wishes she could go but her skill with a Keyblade is not good enough for this journey. Sora tells Kairi to watch over Radiant Gardens while they try to find out what is going on with the rest of the worlds. Kairi agrees but before she can give Sora a kiss, they are bumped into by Goofy and Donald, who were running too fast to slow down. Mickey and Riku laugh and Kairi and Sora give Goofy and Donald mean looks. Donald hits Goofy saying it's his fault but Goofy claims Donald is the one who wanted to race in the first place. Everyone but Donald laughs.

After a while, Sora attempts to find Chack and Minoru but can't find them. Mickey says they might have headed towards the castle. Sora and Riku both head to the castle. Once there, they run into Princess Hilda. When asked who she is, Princess Hilda claims she is the replacement ruler of Radiant Gardens until Ansem the Wise "comes back". Sora and Riku both look at each other in confusion but they tell her who they are and what they do. Hilda tells them she is aware as Mickey and Ansem have left her notes and letters to help her at this time. Kairi shows up and asks who Hilda is and Riku introduces her. Hilda senses Kairi's heart of pure light and bows to Kairi. Kairi is embarrassed but Hilda tells her to stay at the castle with her. Sora and Riku tell Kairi it might be a good idea and Kairi goes with it. Sora and Riku leave, as they begin to approach the outer courtyard, Mickey runs up to them and gives them a small key. Sora is confused as to what it would be used for, but Mickey tells him its the key to his Star Shard Gummi Ship. Sora looks off to the side and sees it and is amazed at it's design. Riku pushes him into the Gummi Ship, and tells Mickey they will be back later.

Second Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Firion
  • Maria
  • Guy
  • Leon
  • Locke
  • Yuffie
  • Freya
  • Vossler

When Sora and Riku return to Radiant Gardens, they find one of the defense grids under attack by Nobodys. Sora asks what is their deal, but Riku claims they have to go down regardless. After they beat the Nobodys, Thoraxe appears and challenges both of them to a fight, however, Thoraxe is attacked from behind by a large, magic arrow. He turns around and is hit in the face by another. Firion is shown, standing by the entrance to the city, readying another arrow, however, as he fires it, Thoraxe vanishes. Firion is surprised but lets it go. He runs over to Sora and Riku, who are amazed by the power Firion has. Firion laughs and claims that anybody who believes in their dreams has the power to fight for those dreams. Riku asks what those dreams are but Firion becomes depressed, claiming he doesn't remember. Firion joins up with them, hoping to guard them from any more danger, until they reach his house in the 4th District. As they enter the City Square, Heartless appear, but are taken out swiftly by Yuffie. Sora is glad to see Yuffie and runs over to her. Firion asks Riku if he is always like this and Riku laughs and says, "Yeah. Sometimes he's a little worse."

Yuffie tells them that the town has been under attack by Heartless, Nobodys, and the Unversed for quite sometime and everyone in the Restoration Commity is busy fighting them off in different parts of the city. Sora asks where Cloud and Squall are but Yuffie shrugs and tells Sora they have been busy doing "their thing". Sora asks what that means, but Yuffie tells him to go look for himself, before she runs off. Firion claims he saw Squall in the 2nd District earlier and they head in that direction. As they reach the 2nd District Fountain area, Sora spots a man on top of the wall who looks like he is a theif. Firion and Riku look but don't spot him. Sora is confused he doesn't see him but forgets about it and continues on. As they reach the intersection between Districts, Sora says that he didn't see Squall at all. Firion gets depressed and tells them that he is sorry. Riku asks why and Firion claims he didn't know where Squall really was but instead, was hoping by fighting more Heartless, Nobodys, and Unversed, he would eventually remember his dream. Riku tells him that was a selfish thing to do but Sora tells Firion that its okay. Firion looks at Sora and tells him that his dream is all he has to fight for but if he can't remember it, why fight? Sora tells Firion that he was just fighting along side them and that Firion can make his dream to protect his friends. Firion is silent as he stares at the ground in despair but then raises his head and smiles. Firion tells Sora that he will take up that dream, and until he remembers his original dream, his new dream will be his reason to fight. Sora is happy for him but Riku is worried about Firion's memory "problem".

As they head to the 1st District, they run into Vossler who stops them. He tells them he is one of the city guards and that he doesn't recognize them. Sora is confused and tells him that he is they guy who freed Hollow Bastion from the control of the Heartless. Vossler gets a headache but claims he still does not know and prohibits him from going any further in the direction they were heading. Riku tells Sora he is concerned that the citizens of Radiant Gardens might be having memory problems and that they should probably talk to Merlin. Firion tells them that to get back to Merlin's house, they need to head to the 3rd District, and also tells them that if they are interested in taking a break, Freya, a resident in the 1st District, owns a Cheese Shop near by. As they head to the 3rd District from the 2nd District, Locke appears from the top of the city wall and leaps down in front of Sora, Riku, and Firion asking for their treasures. Sora says they don't have any. Locke begins to ponder and claims that if they don't have treasure, then they won't mind fighting. Sora, Riku, and Firion fight Locke and beat him. Locke falls over exhausted and tells them they are good fighters. Sora says thanks and that they are keyblade weilders. Locke stops taking deep breaths after hearing that, and gets up slowly to a sitting position. Locke looks over at Sora and Riku and then he looks at the ground. He starts to tell them that someone else came through with a keyblade but they weren't nice at all. Sora and Riku give a shocking look. Sora thinks it might have been Chack or Minoru but Riku claims that it wasn't someone who was "nice", however, he personally doesn't know Chack and Minoru enough to call them nice. Sora says they are, but now he wonders who it was. Locke gets up and tells them that he is a good friend of Terra's and that he wasn't on planning to steal anything from them. Riku becomes energetic and asks Locke how he knows Terra and where Terra is but Locke tells Riku that he shouldn't be so rude. Riku apologizes but Locke tells him that the next time they meet, he will tell him. Locke rushes off into the 2nd District.

Sora asks Riku who Terra is but Riku tells him it's no one. Firion tells him that it sure doesn't sound like "no one". Riku tells them that he met a Terra once and he wanted to see if it was the same guy. Firion and Sora look worried but Riku cheers up. Riku leads the way to the 3rd District where they run into Merlin. Merlin is laying down on a cot in front of his house when Sora walks up and asks if he is awake. Merlin doesn't wake up and they leave him alone. Riku tells Sora that they can ask him another time, when he is "available". They leave to the 4th District when they run into a large Heartless attack a defense grid along the way. They defeat it and Firion comments that it's getting pretty old to keep fighting these guys. However, he is interrupted by Maria who walks up from behind him saying, "Wasn't your dream to protect the world? The future?" Firion turns around to find his friends Maria, Guy, and Leon. Guy smiles and waves and Leon walks over to him and asks where he has been. Firion says he forgot what his dream was and was trying to remember by taking a walk and he eventually tried to fight monsters in his attempts to remember but they both failed. Maria tells him that his dream was that he wanted to protect the world, and the future. That he loved the things the world had to offer like the rose he always carrys around. Firion pulls out the rose and remembers. Riku then remembers the moment he met Terra on Destiny Islands years ago. Riku tells himself he will find him, and ask him, "Why?" Sora tells Riku that friends are the strongest bond to memories. Riku laughs and pats Sora's shoulder telling him that if only there were ways to forget sometimes. Sora gets mad and glares at Riku but he begins to laugh too.

Third Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Josef
  • Leila
  • Minwu
  • Galuf
  • Strago
  • Shantotto
  • Balthier
  • Fran

As Sora and Riku walk into City Square, they see Scrooge McDuck running from the 6th District. They ask him whats wrong and he tells them that monsters are attacking the trade district. Sora and Riku run to the 6th District fighting Heartless along the way. As they arrive they find Nobodys and Unversed fighting each other, but they are also destroying the area in the midst of the battle. As Sora and Riku begin to prepare for battle, Josef and Galuf get in front of them and tell them to get back as the adults will handle the situation. Josef and Galuf make quick work of the Nobodys and Unversed, impressing Sora and Riku. Josef tells them that for being old men, they can still protect, seeing as age does not limit the strength of one's heart. Galuf tells Josef that they better fix up their shops before the tourist come back, or else they won't be making any money. Sora asks them, "What tourist?" and Josef tells him, "Tourist from the other worlds!" Riku and Sora are both shocked and ask them how they know about the other worlds. Galuf is confused as to what they are talking about but Josef clears things up by asking them if they are the keyblade weilders they've been hearing about. Sora and Riku nod and Josef tells them that the worlds have begun to revert to their original selves, before the invisible walls ever existed. Galuf comments that the Keyblade War was the original reason the walls were established, however, the worlds have become more and more stable, except for the Heartless and Nobodys. Riku tells them also that the Unversed have been attacking the worlds and Sora adds on that all the worlds they have visited have had some residents who have had hearts filled with darkness. Josef and Galuf sigh in despair but cheer themselves up and tell Riku and Sora that one should never be unprepared.

As Sora and Riku head back to the City Square, they run into Shantotto. It appears Sora accidentally tripped over her. Sora tells her he is sorry but she claims that he must do her bidding as a way to pay off what he has done. Sora asks her what he has to do, and she claims she needs to do some errands but she will stick by Sora's side until he gets them done, making sure he does do them for her. Shantotto's first demand is that he goes and picks up her clothes from the 4th District clothes shop. They head to the 3rd District to reach the path to the 4th district when they run into Strago who mindlessly bumps into Shantotto. She gets mad and tells him he has to be her servant now to pay off for his crime but Strago keeps talking to himself and walks off towards 3rd District. Shantotto gets mad and casts a Firaga spell at him which makes him run around until he jumps into a fountain to put the fire out. Strago looks over at Shantotto and tells her good morning. Shantotto gets mad and tells him its the afternoon. Strago looks around and agrees. He walks over to them and tells them that he has been forgetting things lately and that he doesn't mean to seem unintelligent. Shantotto goes to yell but stops herself and tells him that she has been forgetting to do her daily errands lately as well. This causes Riku to get even more curious to the matter. Shantotto forgives Strago who goes back to talking to himself and heads to the 3rd District.

As Sora and Shantotto reach the 4th District, Sora notices Riku is missing. As they head to the clothes store, a large group of Nobodys appear. Shantotto gets mad and casts Thundaja which takes them all out in one hit. Sora is amazed and Shantotto gets cocky saying she is the best mage in the world. As she turns around and walks to the clothes shop, a large Nobody falls from the sky and knocks her out of the way. She attempts to cast Blizzaja but finds she can't cast it. Sora notices that the Nobody is absorbing magic and the only way to take it out is with physical attacks. After Sora defeats the Nobody, Shantotto tells him that he has payed off his debt by saving her life. Sora is happy but Shantotto tells him that he won't get lucky again. She heads into the clothes shop, leaving Sora to find Riku. Sora heads back to the 3rd District where he finds Strago sitting on a bench talking to himself. Sora walks over and asks him why he is talking to himself and Strago tells him that he is trying to remember his spells, "Flaga? No. Bitzagga? No. Thundle? No!" Sora tells him not to give up and Strago thanks him. Strago then tells Sora that he saw his friend Riku head back to the City Square. Sora thanks him and runs in that direction.

Riku is in City Square when he runs into Minwu. Riku asks him what his name is but Minwu doesn't say anything. Riku asks him if he forgot, but Minwu counters his statement with a question, "Is your heart filled with darkness?" Riku is shocked but becomes angery claiming he doesn't follow darkness, he only uses it to help his friends. Minwu looks at him and tells him he can sense his light too but he never thought light and darkness could work together. Riku asks Minwu who he is but Minwu tells him he doesn't remember. Riku tells him that he thinks all the residents of Radiant Gardens are forgetting things and he is worried how much they will forget. Minwu tells Riku that it's not every one, just those who have "returned". Riku is confused but hears Sora calling to him from behind. Riku turns around to see Sora running to him but when he turns around to talk to Minwu, he is gone. Riku is disappointed he lost track of him but Sora asks him what he was doing. Riku tells him he just wants to find out why everyone is forgetting everything and he thinks he knows who to talk to. Sora follows Riku to the 6th District and they find Josef and Galuf are being robbed by Leila. Riku is wondering why a pirate would be on solid ground, but Leila over hears them and claims her ship was sunken by the Heartless. Sora and Riku fight Leila and beat her. She drops the money she stole from Josef and Galuf and falls over. Sora runs over to her and checks on her, while Riku gives the money back to Josef and Galuf. Leila wakes up and claims she doesn't know why she is in Radiant Gardens again, when she was having the time of her life on the high seas. Sora asks her what she means but her head begins to hurt causing her to pass out. As Sora begins to panic, thinking she is dead, Fran shows up and tells him she isn't dead and that she merely passed out from her trying to remember lost memories. Sora asks her what she means by lost memories when another person, Balthier, arrives and picks up Leila. Balthier gives Leila to Fran and tells her to take her to the medical station quickly before she "forgets" again. Sora is really confused as to what's going on but Balthier tells him it's best that he doesn't know. Balthier leaves with out an answer. Sora wonders to himself if what Riku is worried about is really happening to the people of Radiant Gardens.

Fourth Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Tellah
  • Reddas
  • Al-Cid
  • Leo
  • Biggs
  • Wedge
  • Ingus
  • Steiner

Sora and Riku arrive only to find more Nobodys attacking a nearby defense grid. Sora sighs wondering what their deal is, and they charge into battle. After defeating the Nobodys, Sora is almost hit by a Thunder spell. When he looks over, Tellah is shown to arrive at the battle too late but apparently he is unaware of that. Tellah introduces himself in a dramatic way claiming he is the best wizard to ever take foot in Radiant Gardens and he won't let no Heartless or Nobodys take down his city if his name isn't... well he forgets but still continues randomly casting Thunder and Fire spells at Riku and Sora who are attempting to dodge the spells. Sora eventually tells Tellah that they are not Heartless or Nobodys which causes Tellah to stop casting spells. He is confused that they aren't and then asks them why they would attack the defense grid. Riku tells him they already took out the Nobodys that were and that Tellah just happened to show up late. Tellah apologizes and claims that he forgot how to get out of the city and randomly found his way here. Riku thinks to himself, "Another one who's forgotten..." Sora tells him it's okay but Tellah insists that he owes them. He gives Sora a Potion but gives Riku an empty bag. Riku is confused but Tellah claims thats all he has left to offer. Tellah leaves them confused.

Sora and Riku enter town to find Yuffie sitting at the City Square wondering to herself. Sora asks her what she is doing but she tells him that it's none of his business. Sora gets depressed and asks her what is her problem. Yuffie is shocked at what she says and claims that she didn't mean to say that. Riku tells her its okay. Sora goes to stand up for Yuffie but Riku tells him not to bother. Both Yuffie and Sora are shocked and Riku tells him that Yuffie will just forget, like every one else. Yuffie wonders to herself and then leaves with out a word. Sora tells her to wait but Riku tells him they need to find the source of this problem first. Sora and Riku start their searches at the castle but once they reach the castle gates, Biggs and Wedge prevent them from entering. Sora demands to know why but they don't respond. Riku tells Sora that they probably don't know who they are in the first place. As Sora and Riku return to City Square they run into more guards. Sora asks them what they are looking for and one of the guards tell him they are hunting down "research specimens". Riku gives them a glare and the guard apologizes and removes his helmet. He introduces himself as Reddas and the other guard removes his helmet and introduces himself as Leo. Sora introduces himself and Riku and tells them that they want to know why people keep forgetting things. Leo starts to think and Reddas claims that he was wondering the same thing too. Leo tells them that they should check out the Underground Research Facility for more clues, but Reddas tells them to watch out for Vossler, claiming he takes his job too seriously. They head to the 1st District but they don't see Vossler any where. They procede to a courtyard where a large fountain with a door is. As they begin to walk to the door, they hear shouting from behind. They turn around to see Steiner running towards them yelling, "Waaaaaait!" As Steiner begins to get closer, a large crab Heartless appears from behind him, prompting Sora and Riku to fight it. After it's defeat, Steiner thanks them but tells them they are not allowed to enter the Underground Research Facility. Sora asks why not but Steiner says that its of royal order. Riku asks him what he means by royal, seeing as only Ansem or Hilda has the power to make such rules. Steiner says that the castle is going through some rough times and he is unsure who is the boss, but he has to follow orders regardless. He tells them sorry and goes back to guarding the door. Sora and Riku are disappointed and head back to City Square.

Back at City Square they run into another guard on his smoke break. Sora asks him who he is and he calls himself Al-Cid. Sora introduces himself and Riku but notices Riku is gone. Al-Cid chuckles when Sora introduces Riku who isn't there. Sora apologizes and looks around. Al-Cid tells Sora that he can tell Sora is a special person. Sora asks him what he means but Al-Cid goes back to smoking. As Sora begins to look for Riku, another, younger guard runs into City Square. Al-Cid calls him Ingus. Ingus tells Al-Cid a large monster is near the castle and Al-Cid rushes to the castle. Sora follows with Ingus right behind him. As they approach the castle, they see Biggs and Wedge closing a large gate in front of an Unversed. Ingus, Sora, and Al-Cid fight it off. After it disappears, Ingus comments on Sora's fighting abilities claiming he wants to be just as strong as him one day. Sora tells him that it's not strength that he relies on but his heart and his beliefs. Ingus is happy to hear that and says he will try to have a strong heart too. Al-Cid chuckles and comments that Sora is too nice and that he should be more manly about it. As Sora asks him what that mean, Riku shows up. Al-Cid looks over at him and laughs. Riku asks him what that was for and Al-Cid says that he thought he was an imaginary friend of Sora's. Sora laughs but Riku doesn't get it. Al-Cid walks over to Biggs and Wedge and tells them that the situation is under control but the two guards do not open the gate. Al-Cid becomes shocked and asks why. Biggs says he doesn't remember and Wedge claims that they have orders to let no one in the castle at this moment. Riku tells Sora that he thinks something bigger is going on. Sora tells Riku that he can feel Kairi's heart and knows she is safe. Riku agrees and they leave.

Fifth Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Yun Fang
  • Edge
  • Setzer
  • Kiros
  • Ward
  • Bartz
  • Boko
  • Lenna
  • Krile
  • Relm
  • Interceptor

Sora and Riku return to Radiant Gardens after Sora's heart started to hurt during their visit to another world. Sora thinks Kairi is in trouble so they returned to check up on Radiant Gardens. However, when they return, they find it in tight security. As they attempt to enter City Square, Ward and Kiros, the guards who aren't usually doing their job, are now preventing them from entering. Sora asks them how are they supposed to enter town but Kiros tells him that they aren't allowed in until after they are given orders. Sora sighs but Kiros tells him that any residents outside the main city area are allowed to roam the outter courtyards if they please. Sora says thanks and runs off. Riku glares at Kiros and Ward before following Sora. As they head towards a small town like court, they run into Yun Fang who is mumbling something. Sora asks her what she is doing but she only looks at him and nothing more. Riku tells Sora that she probably doesn't know who they are so Sora introduces themselves. Yun Fang stops and looks at them claiming they are just what the "group" needs. Riku asks her what that means but she only tells them to meet her in the Diamond Court District before running off. Sora and Riku ask themselves why they always get pulled into other people's problems but continue to the the direction Yun Fang left. As they enter the Opal Garden, Sora, while not paying attention, runs into Bartz causing both of them to fall over. Bartz asks him what the big deal is but Sora says he didn't mean to. Bartz stands up and brushes himself off and points to Sora while speaking to a group of kids (Lenna, Krile, Relm) claiming that people like Sora are the reason they are gonna break into the city and steal food. Riku asks him what he means by that but Bartz doesn't respond nicely, claiming he doesn't talk to city folk. Riku gets mad and helps Sora stand up. Bartz tells the kids that he will show them what the big kids do to the mean city people. Sora and Riku fight Bartz and beat him. After the fight, Bartz falls over and gets annoyed. He tells them he doesn't know how he lost but Sora tells him its okay. Bartz looks away when Sora tries to help him up. Riku tells Bartz that they aren't from the city, which causes Bartz to be shocked and then he gets up and apologizes for fighting them. Sora is confused but Bartz fills them in that the city people are getting worried that the poor people will ruin their chances of making money and decided to kick them out of the main city but allow them to live in the courts. Riku tells Sora he was worried about this but before he can tell Sora why, a dog runs up barking. Bartz calls it Interceptor and thinks it wants him to follow it. Bartz hops on his Chocobo (Boko) and tells the other kids to head to the hideout. Bartz follows the dog out of the area.

Sora and Riku go back to looking for Yun Fang but forgot where she said for them to meet her. As they pass through the Emerald Fountain area, a large Heartless appears. They defeat it and then hear clapping from behind. They look to see Edge, who was sitting in the shadows. Edge claims he would've killed the Heartless but he wanted to see the power of Sora and Riku. Sora tells him that they are looking for Yun Fang but Edge tells them that it's pointless. Riku asks why but Edge only tells them that if "they" couldn't beat the bad guys, what makes Sora and Riku think they can? Sora and Riku are confused but Edge walks away with out explaining. Sora tells Riku that he doesn't get what is going on with Radiant Gardens. Riku tries to sum up that he thinks every one who used to live here has returned but because they lived in other worlds for so long, they are having problems remembering things. He also thinks that because of this problem, all the people are going back to how they used to be before the Keyblade War. Sora tells Riku that they need to fix this anyway they can. But they are interrupted when Setzer arrives telling them that they can't fix it alone. Sora tells Riku that Setzer used to live in Twilight Town. Setzer tells Sora that he feels like he knows Sora but at the same time he knows he doesn't. Sora chuckles and says he feels the same way (trying not to confuse him). Riku asks Setzer what he meant by "not alone" and Setzer tells them that they need to get stronger before they can "fix" anything. He gives Sora a small key and tells him to keep "her" safe. When Sora asks what Setzer means by that, Setzer tells him that he will know in a little bit. As Sora and Riku leave (forgetting about Yun Fang), Sora realizes the key is for a Gummi Ship.

Sixth Visit

Characters Encountered:

  • Luneth
  • Arc
  • Refia
  • Rydia
  • Palom
  • Porom
  • Gau
  • Gordon
  • Basch
  • Snow
  • Lightning
  • Sazh
  • Jihl
  • Yaag

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